Words cannot express the power of one's creative imagination. Come explore your creative self and learn to be an animator while developing and improving your drawing skills.

As classical and traditional as Disney Studios, our school offers professional, practiced and passionate instruction to artists of all levels and ages. Courses prepared and taught by classically trained Disney Character Artists and Animators!

Superior Animation Arts School



Already an artist? We can teach you new skills to enhance your established talent and offer new and exciting challenges. Learn animation and drawing techniques to help you take your existing career to a new level.

Kids love cartoons! Let your child's artistic talents develop while they learn to draw their favourite cartoon characters and create their own characters from imagination!

Are you dreaming of becoming a professional cartoonist, animator or video game artist? We have all the instructional support to help you develop a winning portfolio! Techniques and training designed to give you a jump start when applying to Animation Colleges! Experienced advice  from a five-year Portfolio Review Committee Member of Sheridan College's  world famous Bachelor of Animation Degree Course.

Love to draw, but need some pointers? This is the school for you! Superior Animation Arts can help you grow as an artist and focus on your interests while building a solid foundation of drawing skills.